Arthropods and Insects

First the good news: In my ten days on Bermuda I did not see a single mosquito, a fact I was very glad about.It is a consequence of the fact that Bermuda has no freshwater resources and water cisterns about ground level are no longer build these days. The public on Bermuda is well aware of the problem you can have with mosquitos.

Now the bad news: When you go out on Bermuda, you will certainly meet those guys who build webs. Yes, it's spiders I think of. They are something to be aware of, especially if you want to walk on the railway trail at night and do not like to have them sitting in your face. Or if you tend to run away in panic, whenever you see a spider larger than 3mm moving.
(I understand this. Really.)

The silk spider ist about 10cm in diameter (including the legs), bright yellow and people on Bermuda say that a hurricane is more likely when they build their webs close to the ground.

A silk spider in its net... Silk Spider: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Much nicer than the spiders, there is the red land crab (Gecarcinus lateralis), which you may find on many sandy beaches on bermuda, in case you are, by chance, carrying spade and shovel and really like to dig. But be careful when you digging after a crab, because they have powerful claws and they don't mind sacrificing an arm if they can get rid of you that way
(You have noticed the claw attached to the shovel in the picture, haven't you ?).
The land crab, a dangerous biter...O:-) Land crab: Gecarcinus lateralis
Another impressive arthropod is shown on the picture to the right. It was about 10 cm long and seems to belong to the family of myriapodes. He was quite fast, and I must admit I was glad not to have met this guy in my bedroom.

Two other species you frequently meet on Bermuda are not shown in picture, but I think most of you know how ants and cockroaches look like.
If you are dealing with ants, it makes a great advantage if you do not keep any waste containing food in your room, like empty snack packages and stuff like that.

Cockroaches are tougher. They will roam your room at night and vanish as soon as you turn on a light. And they know why. My experience says that an average shoe makes a VERY effective throwing weapon against them little buggers.
If you meet them outside, they are that kind of animal that make you think twice if you REALLY want to sit down on the railway trail to watch the stars.

And they are the kind of animal that can make a full grown student flee in panic when noticed (Hi Thorsten !) O:-). In rooms, they are described to eat almost anything they might be able to digest. As Rosario reported, this includes soap and rubber pieces on eye glasses.

Myriapoda: More legs